To die for bags is such a heavenly way to die

„Oh my GOD! I love it!” was the type of reaction I had gotten bewildered by when presenting one of the handbags I had purchased during last year’s winter holidays. I believe, that is the reaction we guide ourselves by when shopping for our little «black holes», yet we end up taking so many more details into consideration.

Is the size reasonable? Is the style both casual and elegant? Does the handbag match the majority of clothes I own? Is it made of qualitative material? …And, the killer-question: can I afford it?
An ideal situation, where location, taste, availability and money present no hardships, is rarely possible for those without celebrity status or a family of unholy wealth. Hence, we remain with only dreams of the most fabulous accessories.
In my fantasy, I align my bags on glass shelfs in a great dressing room. I own at least hundreds and have matching shoes! Oh, what an utopia for leather consumers like myself! Unfortunately, I must face the sad reality that I am not part of the Gossip Girl cast and that I might forever own a maximum of five bags, of which I use only two – the very best and soon most damaged – ones.
In the longing of a new practical and edgy bag to buy, I virtually wandered through stores and created a small list of my top “to die for” pieces of this fall/winter. My absolute favourite remains the CÉLINE bag, so – in an act of kindness – do think about me at your next shopping spree and consider the fact that my birthday is coming up! 🙂

– AM








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