Colours of the Fauvism

Colours Of The Fauvism Spring 2014 Collections Courbain

The biggest disadvantage about living in a country like mine is the lack of major classic-cultural events. Of course, every now and then a spurt of underground art reaches the sunlight, but who even hears about its exhibitions before they end? I admire modern art, but not all modern art is my taste. I am rather drawn to that, which has been before my time. Thus, whenever my eye is caught by a poster, signalizing great names of the past, I stop and annoy everybody until we buy tickets to some exhibitions. Such was the case last winter in Detroit, when the Fabergé exhibition took place at the Museum of Art, and such is the case this winter. Having just woken up from my five hours car trip nap, I directly spotted an advertisement for Matisse & The Fauves at the Albertina Museum in Vienna. I’m sorry Mum and Dad; you have to!

I’m more a museum lover than anybody in my entire family. I know, I am boring! Such an old hag, you’d think. But really, there is so much one can learn from a little cultural trip. Most of all, I learn how much I love the eighteenth century architecture. And sometimes, I learn to love colours again. Fauvists had great interest in enhancing tones of a painting, rather than concentrating on the anatomic correctitude of bodies. Whether that decision came from the migraine one gets from the many anatomy rules, or they just wanted to be hipsters will forever be a mystery. Haha. Nonetheless, the saturation in fauvistic paintings is amazing. I have truly fallen in love with the bright pinks, teals, purples, greens and yellows. As I strolled along the gallery walls, I thought: such a perfect palette for a spring collection! And guess what? Other designers thought alike 🙂

Most surprisingly, Monochrome Karl (Chanel) has colour-bombed the runway for the Spring 2014 season. We have heard many voices echoing in exaltment! And I too have gasped when confronted earlier this year with a few sample images taken at the show. Fun and quirky? Quite strange for Mr. Black-And-White-Never-Take-Your-Sunnies-Down:

Colours of the Fauvism Chanel Spring 2014 Collage

I must confess: I have grown infatuated with the pearl embroidered gloves (bottom row, second picture left). The details there are astonishing! My props for using leather instead of any other fabric for the back of the gloves – it makes them so much edgier and less childish. Also, the knitted blazer is really funky (top row, third picture). Wouldn’t mind having that hanging in my closet 😀

This colourful vibe continues even at Dior (top row)! Thought it a way too classic brand? Myeah, well surprise! The only things, which have remained classic are the shapes worked with. Burberry (bottom row), kept their classy brit-cut, too. Even though they haven’t tried their luck with strong colours, and rather kept to pastel tones, I am still seeing that modern air of Matisse and Derain in their colour scheme. What catches my attention most are the clutches! Just look at those flowery/feathery beauties!

Dior and Burberry

Others also seem to have been inspired by this artistic movement. Betsey Johnson excluded the pinks in her clothes, but added them in some cotton candy hair. The Alice+Olivia gem encrusted clutch is definitely an eye-catcher and would work wonders with the Phillip Lim blazer (top right corner). Aaannnddd…. who loves Fendi’s gradient stripes as much as I do?


Just as we know the Desigual brand, colour is their trade mark. No wonder I included them into this post. Can’t say I am a fan of all the prints in this collection…. 😦 Yet, I must admit it is more than fun to look at how the models enact the bright and joyous mood! Would have been a great accessory on the DKNY models who wore some really fresh trainers and a combination of a gown and rompers. Reminds me a bit of some Barbie dolls from the Rainy Day edition (ah… the childhood, haha).

Desigual Spring 2014 Fauvismcoubrain_cof_wordpress

I guess your eyes have by now detected the Valentino and Lanvin Spring collections? No wonder, just look at those lavish colours. Just as we’re used to, the Valentino gowns (top row) are as sobre as mid-century Sicily, and spiced up with some clear material. Perfecto! Lanvin on the other side is quite daring with that metalized texture. And I, personally, love it. Some big statement jewelry would match the outfit for glamorous events 🙂

Vintage Italia is the key element for the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2014 RTW, too. And the designer duo decided to pep things up, not with clear meshes like Valentino’s, but with some 3D flower arrangements that I absolutely adore! They also stuck to the crowns we have seen the past seasons at their show. I’m so happy we get to see those hair accessories since I think they usually are the missing pieces to an elegant appearance.

I said flowers before and I say flowers again, at Elie Saab! I have been in love with the brand ever since the last episode of Gossip Girl. Remember Blair in her beautiful blue embellished gown? I have news for those loving pink: you can choose between jewel encrusted of flower-power playsuits now!


I saved my second favorite collection (and designer) at the end … of this extremely long post. Hehe. Mary Katrantzou. Her teacup inspired dresses won me over some years ago. And now, she impresses me again with this flowery-fauvistic statement. It would be a bold move to wear a dress like that in public, but I would not spare a minute to thought. I would wear it no matter how appropriate for the time of day. And even though the high heels are a little too much for my taste, I can’t really say they would be hideous when combined with a simple pair of jeans and a white tank top.


So, to conclude, dear readers, I am going to consider going out of character and be bold in colours this spring, like Matisse has been before my time. Whether I keep to this “resolution” (Happy New Year, by the way!), I have to see. The people who know me know that I tend to go on the sobre colours side. But this is a year of change! So, cheers to me, you or us being different!




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