To die for bags is such a heavenly way to die

„Oh my GOD! I love it!” was the type of reaction I had gotten bewildered by when presenting one of the handbags I had purchased during last year’s winter holidays. I believe, that is the reaction we guide ourselves by when shopping for our little «black holes», yet we end up taking so many more details into consideration. (more…)


How it all started


courbainIt all started two years ago when we decided we had too much time on our hands and that we should do something productive with our passions – photography, writing and above all, FASHION. But ever since, we couldn’t motivate ourselves to even sign up for a blog. Now, when so many exams and life altering decisions are waiting for us, we managed to defeat the demons of procrastination.

Courbain will be a project that will not only help us keep in touch after graduation, but also develop our sense of style, of writing, as well as knowledge concerning diverse fields in modern society. Our points of focus will mainly be Fashion and Health. Yet, we will provide you with many more pieces of useful information.

We do not know how this blog will further change, but we guarantee that a lot of fun, wit and creativity will be involved in its making. Specific dates for the publishing of our articles do not exist. We want to research and write passionately about our subjects of interest and share many attractive stories with you.

If you think you will enjoy this blog, do not hesitate to follow our posts! 🙂

We kindly thank you for your support. If you have a specific interest in something and want us to post about it, feel free to contact us.