Colours of the Fauvism

Colours Of The Fauvism Spring 2014 Collections Courbain

The biggest disadvantage about living in a country like mine is the lack of major classic-cultural events. Of course, every now and then a spurt of underground art reaches the sunlight, but who even hears about its exhibitions before they end? I admire modern art, but not all modern art is my taste. I am rather drawn to that, which has been before my time. Thus, whenever my eye is caught by a poster, signalizing great names of the past, I stop and annoy everybody until we buy tickets to some exhibitions. Such was the case last winter in Detroit, when the FabergĂ© exhibition took place at the Museum of Art, and such is the case this winter. Having just woken up from my five hours car trip nap, I directly spotted an advertisement for Matisse & The Fauves at the Albertina Museum in Vienna. I’m sorry Mum and Dad; you have to!